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Fennec 01

Fennec 01

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•Our Toku Sci-Fi thriller is set in a world nearing its apocalypse. Kaiju are summoned from the depths of their flooded planet by malignant forces. The heroes must call upon a power, previously kept hidden, and join a generational line of Henshin warriors to protect their home Island that is facing certain doom.

•This staple-bound book is 6.75"x10.25" with a gloss cover, and 22 gloss interior pages.

  • Reviews

    Chapter 1: “It Follows” was an excellent introduction to the world Life On Saturn has created. The engaging characters, the interesting story, and the inner details of the society that make a “good” story, “great” were all present and accounted for, but what really sold it for me was the remarkable artwork. The details of the designs within even the most random of spaces and objects really brought the reality to life. The decrepit building complexes, the rotted wood from the lack of maintenance in an area that is constantly arid from the shore, and instances like the unsettling dust on the ground as structures fall or as Titans collide.  

    -Rich J.

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