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Hunter Duck 01: Artist Edition

Hunter Duck 01: Artist Edition

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Hunter Duck is an 18+ Film noir tale of a Duck P.I. in a gritty and futuristic city. He struggles with his own personal demons, whilst combating the evils that lurk through his town. Will this Duck detective crack his biggest case, yet? The one that involves his own depression?

This book is 6.75"x10.25."

  • Reviews

    "...This story represents precisely what starting a new comic means. Seeing a new #1 on the shelf, giving it a try, and then deciding whether or not to continue reading or quack it up to the “Gods of Meh.” I usually give a new series three chances to spark my interest, but “Hunter Duck” only took one single issue to add to my permanent Pull-List... The world-building and traffic of detail in this book are far beyond anything I have seen in normal circumstances. It’s like Heavy Metal randomness but done with a more specific intent to develop this universe in subtle ways from the gimmicky businesses and slogans, the fictional product placement, propaganda postage of the world created, and marketing ploys that would usually need multiple staff members to think of a newspaper headline, “Ring of Fire” to describe a Sex Ring operation getting burnt to the ground (funny and brilliant), and not forgetting the inventive inserts of modern technology like “TV Bot” or the “Pay n’ Pour” beverage dispensers to really give the world a credible sense of existence. The main character, “Hunter Duck” is such an interesting personality and concept that I am eager to explore further in future issues, whether it is from the equal contempt he has towards life that the world has towards his own species, or the complex trauma introduced into his arch that still needs to run its course. Either way, you don’t want to ruffle this hunter’s feathers because he is a force to be reckoned with, all the while keeping to a comedic tone of duck puns and waddling gags that offer the balance of lunacy to levity that one needs to keep a story like this afloat, and you know I ducking appreciate it."

    -Rich J.

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